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100 Canadian dollars for sale

The best option for splurging and staying under the radar, the Canadian $100 banknote is always the right bet if you are in Canada. Our CAD $100 bills are counterfeited in the most accurate way possible, which boils down to their front and back features. They represent the highest-quality replicas, complete with genuine hues, patterns, lines, and polymer substrate. The bills are even immune to wear and tear and can be used for the long term.

Safety-wise, our fake 100 dollar Canada bills are designed to thwart any detection attempts. They incorporate a myriad of sophisticated features, including:

  •  •  Transparent window featuring a holographic metallic portrait of Borden
  •  •  Color-shifting Arch pattern
  •  •  Raised ink and tactile embossing
  •  •  Iridescent maple leaves
  •  •  Non-tracked serial number
  •  •  Covert feature


Collectively, these elements fortify the integrity and detection resistance of our Canadian bills. So, you can order high-quality 100 CAD notes without fretting about being identified with illicit intentions. 

In practical terms, the $100 denomination is a blessing for payments within Canada’s economy. Thanks to its value and resistance to inflation, it will do you much favor when it comes to:

  •  •  Settling bills
  •  •  Conducting high-value transactions for goods or services
  •  •  Indulging in some expensive stuff
  •  •  Collecting cash for future purchases in the country


At, we stay abreast of new currency design and security standards associated with the Canadian $100 note. This is how we recreate authenticity and make it possible for cash seekers like you to buy 100 CAD money that nobody can question.

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