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Canadian $10 dollar bills for sale

These 10 CAD banknotes are traditional Canadian horizontal bills. While we are well aware of the new vertical version shaking up the industry, horizontal tens are still more popular and make more sense to replicate. You don’t want to buy 10 dollar Canadian bills that raise tons of questions when paid with, do you?

Our 10 CAD notes are identical to the real thing. They encompass the visualization of the Prime Minister, Parliament Hill, and blue elements of Canada’s contributions to the discovery of the world. Each design feature and color gradient is hand-picked and double-checked as part of our commitment to undetected quality.

Our fake 10 dollar Canada bills are the new definition of safety thanks to a range of security elements embedded into each banknote:

  •  •  Accurately reproduced signatures and theme-specific properties
  •  •  Raised ink surrounding the number and particular words in English and French
  •  •  Precisely outlined maple leaf
  •  •  Metallic portrait and holographic elements
  •  •  Color-shifting features


Versatile in its utility, the 10 CAD banknote serves as a cornerstone of transactions within Canada and beyond. Locally, our Canadian $10 dollar bills are readily accepted for groceries, leisure activities, or travel. The denomination is often found as a preferred payment option by tourists, so you can also turn this to your advantage. 

Beyond Canadian borders, our 10 CAD notes can also serve their monetary function. Because the currency has its portion of applications in the US, it can also be exchanged for American dollars in a low-profile manner.

Order high-quality Canadian ten dollar bills that embody reliability and authenticity!

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